Our Mission

A family owned Canadian business founded in 1997, Amylior is an industry leader in both the design and manufacturing of high-quality power wheelchairs and accessories. Amylior is a trusted distributor of mobility products in North American and International markets.

Our mission is to improve our clients’ mobility and quality of life with a superior product specifically built and adapted to each unique user. To do so, we work in tight partnership with therapists, users and medical equipment specialists to help ease into the daily challenges met by people with reduced mobility.

Originally, Amylior specialized in the manufacturing and distribution of power wheelchair positioning systems in Canada. In 1999, we received FDA accreditation and started promoting these products in the United States. Since then, our research and development team of experienced engineers and specialists have been developing an ever evolving line of products that meet the different and unique needs of today’s users.

In 2008, we launched a new range of power wheelchairs equipped with German motors thus offering a complete solution in the power wheelchairs segment. Thanks to the quality of our products, Amylior is now recognized as a world leader among major power wheelchair specialists. We currently export nearly 60% to 70% of our production to international markets and we are always in the process of increasing our global market share.

In order to support our annual growth, we have invested in a new head office facility. This new 70,000 square foot facility enables us to drastically increase our production capacity. Our devoted and highly qualified team of nearly 100 people is composed of production, engineering, administration and sales-marketing sub-teams. Amylior also deploys a unit of trained manufacturing agents in our various territories.

In January 2017, Amylior acquired Continent Globe in order to add to its product line. These products included walking aids, manual wheelchairs, scooters, air cushions, batteries and great array of replacement parts.

We are tuned in to the growing demand for unique and user focused products and are open to conversation with industry specialists to help improve our products alongside our rigorous quality control department. We are confident that we will keep on providing the best mobility solutions that the market has to offer.

Our values


Offering superior products and impeccable service at all times, without compromise.


Meeting the real needs of real people with reduced mobility.


Understanding our customers with reduced mobility who use our products.

Life is unpredictable…
your mobility device shouldn’t be

Our Brands


Our well renowned Amysystems brand featuring power wheelchairs is here to improve people’s lives who have reduced mobility and ease them into life’s every day challenges with a newfound freedom. Thanks to the quality of its products, the Alltrack series his now recognized as a world leader among major power wheelchair specialists.


• Power Wheelchairs
• Aftermarket Power positioning Systems


Through innovations in materials used and manufacturing techniques, the CG Air is a true reinvention of the air cushion.

CG Air has tackled hygiene issues, stability, cushion integrity, maintenance as well as positioning concerns without compromising on pressure management; which have plagued all other cushions in the industry for years.

The CG Air’s improved benefits will open new doors for users who are seeking the best pressure management therapy in seating.


• Air cushion


Our Continent Globe brand strives to improve the daily lives of people who have experienced a loss in their mobility. For this reason, Continent Globe offers affordable, high-quality products accompanied by unparalleled service.


• Scooters
• Rollators
• Manual wheelchairs
• Walking aids